MAPEP Reports

The Mixed Analyte Performance Evaluation Program

Participating Laboratory Reports for PE Program are available in  Adobe® PDF format for ease of viewing the document as well as the associated graphics.  Older reports are available upon request. Email or the MAPEP Coordinator, Mr. Guy Marlette (

MAPEP Study 25 Participating Laboratory Reports - September 2011
MAPEP-11-GrF25- Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-11-GrW25 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-11-MaS25 -  Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-11-MaW25 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-11-OrW25 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-11-OrS25 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-11-RdF25 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-11-RdV25 - Radiological Vegetation Standard
MAPEP-11-XaW25 - Radiological I-129 Water Standard

MAPEP Study 24 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2011
MAPEP-11-GrF24- Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-11-GrW24 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-11-MaS24 -  Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-11-MaW24 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-11-OrW24 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-11-OrS24 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-11-RdF24 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-11-RdV24 - Radiological Vegetation Standard

MAPEP Study 23 Participating Laboratory Reports - September 2010
MAPEP-10-GrF23- Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-10-GrW23 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-10-MaS23 -  Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-10-MaW23 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-10-OrW23 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-10-OrS23 - Semi-volatiles in Soil Standard
MAPEP-10-RdF23 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-10-RdV23 - Radiological Vegetation Standard

MAPEP Study 22 Participating Laboratory Reports - March 2010
MAPEP-10-GrF22 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-10-GrW22 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-10-MaS22 -  Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-10-MaW22 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-10-OrW22 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-10-RdF22 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-10-RdV22 - Radiological Vegetation Standard

MAPEP Study 21 Participating Laboratory Reports - July 2009
MAPEP-09-GrF21 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-09-GrW21 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-09-MaS21 -  Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-09-MaW21 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-09-OrW21 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-09-RdF21 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-09-RdV21 - Radiological Vegetation Standard

MAPEP Study 20 Participating Laboratory Reports - February 2009
MAPEP-09-GrF20 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-09-GrW20 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-09-MaS20 -  Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-09-MaW20 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-09-OrW20 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-09-RdF20 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-09-RdV20 - Radiological Vegetation Standard

MAPEP Study 19 Participating Laboratory Reports - June 2008
MAPEP-08-GrF19 - Gross alpha/beta air filter
MAPEP-08-GrW19 - Gross alpha/beta water standard
MAPEP-08-MaS19 -  Mixed Analyte Soil Standard
MAPEP-08-MaW19 - Mixed Analyte Water Standard
MAPEP-08-OrW19 - Semi-volatiles in Water Standard
MAPEP-08-RdF19 - Radiological Air Filter Standard
MAPEP-08-RdV19 - Radiological Vegetation Standard

All Other Reports from MAPEP Studies are available upon request.  

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