INL Work for Others Program

Photos of various INL work-for-other projects.
The Work for Others Program contracts the performance of work, such as research and development or applied engineering, for sponsors outside of the Department of Energy.

Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA), the management and operating contractor at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), manages a Work for Others (WFO) Program that contracts the performance of work, such as research and development or applied engineering, for sponsors outside of the Department of Energy (DOE).

Through the WFO Program, INL develops unique science and engineering solutions for other federal agencies, private companies, universities and state and local government. Its primary purpose is to make available the wealth of technologies, personnel and expertise, and facilities in which federal funds have been invested. INL’s advanced state-of-the-art technology, materials and services are provided to the public to benefit programs of national importance and to enhance industrial competitiveness.

WFO’s portion of the INL budget varies between 15 and 35 percent, depending on the research needs of federal and nonfederal agencies that operate outside of DOE. WFO enhances transfer of technology to the private sector and supports the long-term benefit toward strengthening the competitiveness of U.S. industry.

U.S. customers who use INL’s WFO Program include the Army, Navy, Air Force, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NASA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the departments of Defense, Homeland Security and National Security, and other nonfederal entities.

Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to INL’S WFO Program:

  • Work must not compete with the private sector.
  • Work requested must be mission-related.
  • Work is on a best-effort basis.
  • The project is full-cost recovery.
  • A 90-day upfront payment is required.
  • Work must not be in response to a Request For Proposal.

WFO Process

A request letter must be received by DOE-Idaho from a potential federal sponsor, or for nonfederal sponsors, a letter may be sent to INL directly.

Once requests are received, INL will prepare a decision package for internal review and approval. Then, INL submits the request and detailed package to DOE-Idaho for its review, issue resolution, and decision approving or rejecting the project.

Upon mutual agreement, approval by DOE and receipt of funding from the sponsor, work on the project will begin.

DOE-Idaho exercises oversight of all WFO projects and assigns a technical monitor, who participates in program reviews, design reviews, meetings with sponsors and evaluation of Semiannual Progress Reports from the project manager. It is crucial for individuals involved in a WFO project to work closely with the DOE-Idaho monitor from the beginning of the project to provide appropriate insight and support.

The intellectual property rights associated with the work performed through the WFO Program is outlined in the signed agreement.

WFO Objectives

  • To provide assistance to other federal and nonfederal entities in accomplishing goals that may otherwise be unattainable and to avoid the possible duplication of effort at federal facilities.
  • To provide access for non-DOE entities to highly specialized or unique DOE facilities, services or technical expertise.
  • To increase research and development interactions and transfer of technology originating in DOE facilities to industry for further development or commercialization.
  • To maintain core competencies and enhance the science and technology capabilities at DOE facilities.

How do I get a WFO Project started?

Individuals or groups can begin a WFO project by contacting the individual listed below.

For more information:

Dana Storms, 208-526-1148, Send e-mail, VCard icon
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