Securing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Material Protection Control & Accountability Interactive Evaluation and Training Center

Material Protection Control And Accountability Training 1
INL offers comprehensive MPC&A system evaluations and demonstrations in conjunction with an operating nuclear R&D environment, providing real world safeguards and security techniques and approaches.

National Leader

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) serves as the U.S. Department of Energy lead laboratory for nuclear energy and fuel cycle technologies. As such, the laboratory is steward to an impressive host of nuclear energy and fuel cycle operations and expertise, including two operating nuclear reactors, fuel processing facilities, fuel and nuclear materials storage, operating hot cell facilities, and a variety of irradiated and unirradiated nuclear materials.

Since 1994, INL has used this first-hand experience and its operating facilities to provide instructional and hands-on nuclear material protection, control and accountability and emergency management training to personnel responsible for security at commercial nuclear reactors, research reactors and facilities world-wide. Beginning in 1997, this training has been conducted at the Material Protection, Control and Accountability (MPC&A) Interactive Evaluation and Training Center located within the Materials and Fuels Complex on the INL near Idaho Falls, Idaho.

International Experience

INL staff has provided MPC&A training to personnel from Russia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Ukraine. Our experts have also provided inspection techniques training to State Regulators from Latvia, Kazakhstan, Russia and the Ukraine.


The MPC&A Interactive Evaluation and Training Center is conveniently located, and in most cases, can accommodate foreign national students. The training is provided in conjunction with an operating environment, allowing students to learn standardized techniques and approaches to safeguards and security employed within the DOE complex, in a real-world environment. Students are also able to evaluate the effectiveness of the techniques and approaches as well as physical protection systems, using a full suite of operating detection and assessment systems and a fully functioning Central Alarm Station (CAS). All of these capabilities are offered in one complex — the MPC&A Interactive Evaluation and Training Center.

Qualified Instructors

The instructor cadre is made up of physical security and material control and accountability experts and security systems technicians. Operational personnel, used as adjunct instructors, provide additional credibility for students coming from commercial or research reactor facilities.

Expert instructors include:

  • Protective force staff
  • Material Protection Control And Accountability Training 4
    Kazakhstan students discussing vehicle search techniques.
  • Security experts
  • Electronic security system experts
  • Surveillance system experts
  • Emergency management personnel
  • Information technology professionals

Interactive Modules

The following training modules have been developed and are immediately available:

  • Material Protection, Control and Accountability
  • Emergency Management
  • Guard Force Procedures
  • Access Control Equipment and Operations
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Vehicle Searches
  • Lock and Key Control
  • Performance Testing
  • Central Alarm Station Operations
  • System Testing and Maintenance
  • Video Surveillance
  • MPC&A Inspection Techniques


Practical exercises in the following topical areas are also available:

  • Evaluation of S&S Effectiveness at Nuclear Facilities
  • Managing Emergency Events
  • Command and Control
  • System Testing and Maintenance
  • Access Control
  • Lock and Key Control

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