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Facilitation and Consultation Services (FACS) is part of the Systems Engineering Department at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL). The FACS group integrates the technical and interpersonal skills necessary to help customers make logical, traceable, and defensible decisions. These skills have been successfully applied to develop alternatives and recommended optimal courses of action for resolving a variety of operational, organizational, programmatic, and research challenges. The group uses highly trained and experienced facilitators in the application of organized, interdisciplinary approaches to solve problems and provide customers with reliable, quality products, processes, and services at the lowest possible cost.

Facilitation and Consultation Services Core Capabilities

  • Design and conduct a broad range of meetings, including:
    • National and International Groups
    • Value Engineering
    • Problem Solving and Decision Making
    • Stakeholder Communications Collaboration
    • Electronic Decision Support
    • Project / Strategic Planning
    • Team Building
    • Road Mapping
    • Process Reengineering
  • Organizational Effectiveness Consultation, including:
    • Institutional and Strategic Planning, including “missioning-visioning” and alignment
    • Transition Management and Resistance Management
    • Organizational Performance (effectiveness), assessment, and monitoring
    • Process Consultation and Facilitation
    • Systems Integration
  • Identification and consideration of pertinent risks and issues, including environmental, programmatic, economic, stakeholder, and political through comprehensive decision making expertise using proven methods.

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