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Idaho National Laboratory’s Emergency Public Information Program exists to provide accurate information for the news media, employees and the public during an emergency event. Information concerning emergency conditions that may affect the Department of Energy’s Idaho facilities is released through the Joint Information Center (JIC) following review and approval from the INL Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and the DOE Idaho Operations Office.

The purpose

The emergency response organization activates in the event of an emergency that may affect DOE facilities, contractor employees or the public. The organization also activates for nonemergency events that may generate significant public or media interest about an impact on DOE facilities. The Emergency Operations Center is where responses to emergencies are coordinated in order to safeguard people, property and the environment. It is also where information about emergencies is gathered and coordinated. Information is then disseminated as quickly as it can be confirmed.

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The process

Activation of the Emergency Operations Center triggers staffing of the Joint Information Center to provide INL website update and telephone inquiry lines for the public and the media. JIC staff members answer telephones and convey the most up–to–date, accurate information available. JIC members also monitor newscasts and other media for rumors and misinformation. The JIC will request corrections for misinformation and relay rumors to the Emergency Operations Center for clarification.

Story access

INL is committed to providing as much information as possible before, during and after an emergency. To assist reporters covering potential news stories related to incidents at INL, JIC staffers work with INL security professionals to provide media access to the incident scene. Reporters will be allowed as close as we can get them without hampering emergency response activities, putting reporters in physical danger or violating site access controls.

More information

When operational, the JIC is INL’s primary source of public information and can be reached at the following numbers:

The most current news releases will be posted as they become available to a special “Emergency Event” section of INL’s external website: The section is activated with the JIC and is maintained for the duration of the event.

The JIC is located at the Engineering Research Office Building (EROB), 2525 N. Fremont Ave., Idaho Falls. News conferences, briefing times and locations are announced in news releases and details are available by calling the JIC media inquiry telephone line or on INL’s website at

  • Media inquires: 208-526-9206
  • Public inquiries: 208-526-5042

For more information:

Laura Scheele, 208-526-0442, Send e-mail, VCard icon
Misty Benjamin, 208-526-5940, Send e-mail, VCard icon
Carisa Schultz, 208-526-9120, Send e-mail, VCard icon
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