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INL’s expansive desert operations site has long served as a National Environmental Research Park

Idaho National Laboratory, one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s federally funded research and development centers, is the place where generations of the nation’s best and brightest scientists and engineers have devoted their careers to advancing the state of the art in the areas of nuclear science and engineering, national and homeland security, and energy and environmental sustainability. Yet, many on the outside know little about what goes on inside INL. To help fill in some blanks about the laboratory and its host state, the following “by the numbers” listing is offered.

0Number of other institutions in the U.S. able to match INL’s distinctive and integrated facilities and capabilities for nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment
1Where Idaho National Laboratory’s host state ranks in the United States in patents awarded per 1,000 individuals in science and engineering occupations
3Number of primary facility areas that comprise Idaho National Laboratory. The areas are the Advanced Test Reactor Complex, Materials and Fuels Complex, and Research and Education Campus.
4Where Idaho National Laboratory ranks among the largest employers in the state of Idaho
7Total number of National Environmental Research Parks, including the INL Site, in the U.S.
Map of the United States showing the location of the DOE National Laboratories
Locations of the U.S. Department of Energy’s multiprogram national laboratories.
10Number of multiprogram national laboratories, including INL, operated by the 
Department of Energy
52Number of mostly first-of-their-kind nuclear reactors that were designed and built
at the institution now known as Idaho National Laboratory
890Size of the INL desert operations site in square miles
1949The year INL began operations as the National Reactor Testing Station
2005The year INL was created by combining the former Argonne National Laboratory-West and the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory into a consolidated research and development enterprise
3,400Average number of people who tour INL each year
4,900Average elevation (in feet) of INL’s desert operations site

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