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Papers and Presentations from the
West Yellowstone Meeting

The 2006 International RELAP5 Users Seminar was held August 16-18th in West Yellowstone, Montana. Thirty participants from the U.S., Europe and Asia attended. There were 21 papers presented encompassing development, validation, and application activities using RELAP5-3D as well as other versions. The following list of presentations is in the chronological order in which they were presented at the conference. Click on one of the following titles to view the presentation.

Paper TitleAuthors


Status of RELAP5-3D Development and ApplicationsGary Johnsen


Modeling Compact Counter-Flow Heat Exchangers with RELAP5-3DDave Aumiller


Enhancements to the RELAP5-3D Conduction ModelWalt Weaver


FORTRAN 90 Conversion of RELAP5-3DGeorge Mesina


Restructuring RELAP5-3DJoshua Hykes


RELAP5 Analysis of Operatorís Response to Nuclear Power Station BlackoutAlex Matev


Status of NGNP Methods R&DRichard Schultz


Status of the activities related to the use of RELAP5-3D at the Technical University of CataloniaLluis Batet

U. of Catalonia

SNAP Graphical User InterfaceKen Jones


Development of a Gas Cooled Fast Reactor RELAP5-3D thermal-hydraulic modelCarlos Parisi

U. of Pisa

Modeling EBR-II LOFWS and LOHSWS using RELAP5-3DCliff Davis


Applicability of RELAP5-3D for Thermal-Hydraulic Analyses of a Sodium-Cooled Actinide Burner Test ReactorCliff Davis


RELAP5-3D Coolability Calculation for Irradiated, Dried Np/Pu Targets in Proposed Storage Rack ConfigurationJim Fisher


Licensing Analysis of RPV and BOP Blowdown with RELAP5-3D/K for Lungmen ABWR Containment DesignThomas Liang


Use of RELAP5-3D for Dynamic Analysis of Closed-Loop Brayton Cycle Coupled to A Nuclear ReactorLarry McCann


The use of RELAP5-3D code in the OECD/NEA VVER-1000 CT-1 and CT-2 BenchmarkCarlos Parisi

U. of Pisa

Performance Assessment of the Two-Phase Pump Degradation Model in RELAP5-3DDave Aumiller


RELAP5 Modeling of the INL-OSU GRTS FacilityBrian Jackson

Oregon State University

AREVAís Activities Related to VHTR Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis Using RELAP5-3DBob Martin

Areva NP

The use of RELAP5-3D code in the OECD/NEA BFBT BenchmarkCarlos Parisi

U. of Pisa

Development of a 3D Neutron Kinetic-Thermal-hydraulic model for an RBMK reactor by RELAP5-3D code.Carlos Parisi

U. of Pisa

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