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Idaho National Laboratory

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ERSP Workshop

Environmental Remediation Sciences Program Workshop

O'Callahan's Convention Center, Shilo Inn, Idaho Falls, Idaho
June 12-14, 2006

Objective: To help scientists and problem holders understand how science can impact the evaluation, success and costs of remediation strategies using examples, identification of key challenges and reviewing how decisions are made.

Approach: Bring together a group of current ERSP researchers, DOE problem-holders, ERSP and EM headquarters staff, others (e.g., other researchers with valuable expertise, interested stakeholders) to:

Desired Outcomes: At the conclusion of the workshop, researchers should have an increased awareness of how their research is related to the remediation process, and how research can be conducted in order to maximize the impact on decisions concerning environmental challenges at DOE sites. DOE problem-holders will have an increased appreciation for how fundamental science can help them in the decision-making process and for how they can provide constructive guidance to researchers, and they will be more familiar with the types of research currently funded by the DOE Environmental Remediation Sciences Program. It is hoped that from concepts discussed and contacts made at the meeting, both scientists and problem-holders will be better able to communicate and the DOE missions of cleanup and scientific research will benefit synergistically.

In addition, a summary document will be prepared, that provides:

  1. An identification of critical challenges at the INL that can benefit from research, and
  2. Research approaches suggested by workshop participants to address those challenges.

Summary Report